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Experienced Lawyers for Auto Defects and Product Liability Lawsuits

When you buy an automobile, you invest more than just your money. You invest in your personal safety and the lives of your loved ones and friends, as well. It is reasonable to expect your vehicle to keep you reasonably safe, and that it will not cause an accident based on how it was made or designed. Unfortunately, automobile defects are the cause of thousands of accidents, injuries, and deaths every year. If you were injured by an auto defect, the seasoned product liability lawyers of Walton Law may be able to represent you.

Seek Damages for Accidents Caused by Automobile Defects

Most car accidents are caused by the negligent driving of one party involved in the accident. However, sometimes serious injuries occur because a vehicle component failed. When this component is a safety device or mechanical system, the harm that results can be devastating.

It may be appropriate to retain lawyers to file a product liability lawsuit to seek damages from the responsible parties. Product liability is an area of law that ensures major manufacturers, retailers, and distributors can be held responsible when their products cause harm or injury to consumers.

When it comes to defective automobiles, the list of vehicle parts that can fail and create a hazard is extensive, but some common defects are:

  • Airbag malfunction
  • Defective auto and child seats
  • Defective restraint systems
  • Defective tires
  • Vehicle rollovers
  • Defective fuel systems

At Walton Law, APC, we are devoted to helping people devastated by serious injuries resulting from automobile manufacturer defects. We will fully investigate your case and seek full compensation from parties who bear culpability for your damages.

What Should You do If You Think Your Vehicle Has a Defect?

If you suspect that your automobile has a defect, or if you were in an accident as a result of another driver’s automobile defect, your first steps should be to keep and gather evidence. You should save any parts, labels, or sets of instructions that came with your car upon purchase. Also gather any documentation that pertains to your vehicle’s purchase as well as any records or documentation of your injuries, subsequent costs, and the like. It is also a good idea to maintain possession of your damaged vehicle until the proceedings are through, that way the vehicle itself can serve as evidence or can be inspected again should additional questions arise.

Documentation and the vehicle can be used to show that an accident was caused by a defect. Our lawyers will retain knowledgeable experts to examine the available evidence. In some cases, it is necessary to retain an accident reconstruction expert to establish that the defect, rather than a driver’s negligence caused a crash.

The circumstances of the crash will dictate the appropriate theory under which to hold the manufacturer accountable for a crash. In some cases, we may be able to sue under a theory of strict liability, in which we won’t need to show that the manufacturer was negligent, but rather that: (1) the product has a defect in its manufacturing, design or marketing and (2) the defect caused your injuries.

Consult Our Seasoned Product Liability Lawyers

While the prospect of taking a major auto manufacturer to court might seem daunting, product liability law does a great deal to level the playing field. The most comprehensive method of proving your claim is to consult with an auto defect attorney who has both the knowledge and the resources to investigate your case and guide you through your legal options. For a free and confidential consultation, please call the experienced product liability lawyers of Walton Law at (866) 338-7079, or use our online form.