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Compensation For Getting An Infection In A Nursing Home

By Walton Law APCDecember 13, 2023February 20th, 2024No Comments

There are more than 5,900 assisted living communities in California with millions of families depending on caretakers to care for their loved ones. Unfortunately, the nursing home staff can let an infection go untreated or not take the necessary steps to prevent a recurrence. This can impact the quality of life of your elderly loved one. You need to work with a qualified and knowledgeable nursing home abuse attorney to obtain justice and compensation for your family.  

California Nursing Homes are a Breeding Ground for Infections 

Shared spaces and frequent contact with staff and other residents can lead to a frighteningly long list of bacterial and viral infections. Lack of attention, inadequate cleaning and sanitation, poor hygiene, poorly trained staff, or understaffing can contribute to the spread of infections.  

Immune systems become fragile with age. It’s less capable of fighting off infections on its own, which places seniors at a higher risk of health complications. Elders with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other mental impairments are unable to advocate and take care of themselves, which only makes matters worse.  

Common Nursing Home Infections 

Aspiration pneumonia 

This is a leading cause of death among the elderly and a common infection in nursing homes. Poor hygiene and insufficient cleaning can cause respiratory infections to spread quickly in a nursing home setting. If the staff doesn’t take timely measures to check an outbreak, it can quickly spread and escalate. Aspiration pneumonia can easily lead to death if the elderly resident is not monitored or positioned correctly. 

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) 

UTI is caused when bacteria enter the urethra. They are common in nursing homes because of the rampant use of diapers and catheters. Poor hygiene, leaving a catheter in for too long, and being left to sit in waste can cause a UTI, further leading to sepsis and kidney failure. 

Skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs) 

SSTIs are the third most common infection in nursing homes. It’s the direct result of neglect. Pressure ulcers are the primary type of SSTIs in elderly care facilities. They occur when a physically incapacitated person is left in a single position, which cuts off blood supply to the skin. An elder can also experience sepsis and Osteomyelitis, which are life threatening conditions. 

Gastrointestinal infections 

These infections can quickly wreak havoc in elder homes since they can easily spread through food. Gastroenteritis, norovirus, clostridium difficile (c-diff), and other GI infections can cause diarrhea and vomiting. This places nursing home residents at a severe risk of malnutrition and dehydration.  

Pursue Compensation for Nursing Home Abuse  

Several California laws apply to situations of elderly abuse and neglect. Long term care facilities in California are accountable to state entities for protecting the elderly. If you or an elderly loved one love suffered an infection because of abuse or neglect, you may be able to seek financial recovery by filing a lawsuit. An experienced nursing home abuse attorney will strive relentlessly to get you the compensation you deserve.  

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