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Does Lane-Splitting Affect Recovery for My Motorcycle Accident?

By Walton Law APCJune 29, 2022February 20th, 2024No Comments

Sitting in gridlock or being stop-and-go on freeways for hours is never a Southern Californian’s idea of fun; people try to avoid it whenever possible. For motorcyclists, that often includes moving between vehicles and splitting lanes. However, the practice often results in accidents, leading to injuries and/or fatalities. In fact, more than 400 motorcyclists lost their lives on California streets in the span of just a year according to the Governors Highway Safety Program. Motorists who strike a lane-splitting rider often argue the motorcyclist’s behavior was negligent and they, in fact, caused the collision; however, it’s not always the motorcyclist’s fault. A skilled Southern California personal injury attorney can often make the case the rider was not the cause of the collision.

Lane-Splitting Defined

Lane-splitting involves a motorcyclist riding between vehicles in different rows of traffic using their same lane. No state besides California specifically allows it. Proponents argue lane-splitting benefits riders in many ways, such as:

  • Escape being trapped by vehicles;
  • Escape being rear-ended; and/or
  • Avoid breathing in excessive amounts of vehicle exhaust.

However, lane-splitting does carry risks even if it is legally permitted in California. Motorcyclists can be hurt or killed when drivers fail to check mirrors or blind spots when changing lanes; motorists also commonly – and illegally – exit or enter carpool lanes by crossing double yellow lines into or out of standstill traffic.

Winning a Personal Injury Case if You Were Lane-Splitting

California motorcycle accident injury victims prevail by showing a party’s negligence injured them. To show negligence, you must prove they:

  • Had a legal duty of care to you;
  • Breached it through act or omission; and
  • Caused you injury because of the breach.

Motorists have a legal duty of care to everyone on the road to drive safely – that includes following traffic laws such as respecting double yellow lines, signaling when changing lanes, putting away the cell phone, and obeying speed limits.

Because California legalized lane-splitting, there must be factors showing a lane-splitting rider was negligent and at-fault for the accident and their injuries. This could include speeding, traveling at greater speeds than the vehicles surrounding them, or lane-splitting by highway exit and entrance lanes and ramps. Evidence may prove if a motorcyclist was acting negligently at the time of the crash, such as:

  • Dash cam footage;
  • Helmet cam footage;
  • Traffic camera footage;
  • Eyewitness testimony; and/or
  • Physical evidence such as skid marks.

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