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Elder Neglect: Poor Nutrition in San Diego Nursing Homes

By Walton Law APCJune 12, 2016March 4th, 2023No Comments

Neglect is one of the most common forms of senior abuse in San Diego and around the country. According to the California Department of Public Health’s Nursing Home Residents’ Rights, malnutrition constitutes a form of neglect, and thus—elder abuse.

Nursing homes in San Diego have a legal responsibility to ensure that residents are properly nourished. Nursing home staff must monitor residents during mealtime to ensure that all residents are being properly fed. Likewise, failure to provide appropriately nutritious meals is a serious form of senior neglect.

Warning signs, symptoms, and indications that an elderly loved one in San Diego could be suffering from malnutrition as a result of a neglectful or abusive caregiver or nursing home staff member, include:

  • Weight loss;
  • Fatigue and lack of energy;
  • Dizziness;
  • Pronounced muscle weakness; and/or
  • Slow recovery from any wounds or injuries.

There are other factors to be aware of when determining whether you or your elderly loved one in San Diego is suffering from malnutrition and/or senior abuse. For instance, sometimes a Southern California nursing home resident is particular about his or her food, and won’t eat what is offered during mealtime. Or, perhaps a San Diego nursing home’s food is being improperly served at temperatures too cold or too hot to be consumed.

Likewise, some San Diego nursing home residents suffering from dementia or other conditions may reject meals outright. Though all of these explanations are possible, it is still a nursing home’s or elderly care facility’s legal responsibility to ensure that all residents are provided proper nutrition through meals. Even if the problem is bland food or improper serving methods, a nursing home must ensure that elderly residents are eating well.

If a nursing home in California does not uphold its responsibility to ensure the nutrition and welfare of its senior residents, then that institution may be held responsible for neglect and/or elder abuse. If you or a loved one is a victim or elder abuse or elder neglect in Southern California, you have rights and recourse under the law. At Walton Law, APC, we advocate on behalf of San Diego elders and their families, to ensure all rights, interests, and protections are upheld in our community.

Walton Law, APC is a San Diego boutique law firm dedicated exclusively to representing injured parties in the areas of personal injury, elder abuse, nursing home abuse and neglect, and financial elder abuse. We only represent people – not insurance companies – and take pride in our reputation for obtaining full and fair compensation for our clients while providing personalized client service. If you believe somebody you know has been a victim of elder abuse in San Diego, CA, please call (866) 338-7079 for a free and confidential consultation.

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