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Selecting a Nursing Home

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Nursing Home

By Walton Law APCSeptember 17, 2021March 4th, 2023No Comments

A nursing home helps to provide a living situation for adults who have difficulty living on their own. Elderly adults can get assistance with meals, housekeeping, medical care, activities, and transportation, among other services. The first step is deciding that it’s time to consider placing your loved one into a nursing home. The next step is you to decide as a family the best place to make their new home. In no particular order, here are the main factors to think to help with your selection of a nursing home.


One of the first things that you should consider when deciding on a nursing home is the location. For instance, it might be a deal breaker if a facility is not located close enough to where family members live. Another key element location is the proximity to hospitals and medical centers because this can be very important to a resident’s health. Additionally, the location may come into play due to the laws that can affect their residency. You should also pay attention the layout of the facility and whether it’s appropriate for your loved one’s specific needs, like mobility issues.

Costs and Expenses

The nursing home costs vary, but overall, these services are going to be expensive. Obviously, you have to keep track of your budget and decide what works best. Those with long-term insurance, personal savings, and other funds typically will have a wide range of options compared to individuals on Medicaid. You will also need to investigate the payment schedule; a facility may charge monthly rent or may have upfront costs.

Size of the Facility

The size of the facility can be significant to your choice because it can be related to the services that are available. For instance, smaller homes may not feature everything that you may want in a nursing home, like specialized care for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s. On the other hand, smaller facilities may offer more individualized attention, and large facilities tend to have more issues with understaffing.

Staff and Employees

The nursing home staff and employees are the ones that will work for your loved one’s well-being and safety. Thus, you should ask a lot of questions about their specific training and certification (as well as continuing education and training) and observe the staff with the residents before making a final decision about a facility.

Speak with administrators to ensure that the home doesn’t hire staff members with a history of mistreatment or neglect of patients; the administrators serve as your main contact and if you have trouble getting in contact with them, this may be a red flag. Watch for nursing homes that have a high staff turnover rate, especially when it comes to administrators since this could be an indicator of hidden problems with the organization.

Get Legal Assistance from an Experienced San Diego Nursing Home Lawyer

Even if you’ve done your homework and thoroughly investigated a nursing home, there is still a possibility of trouble. If you or someone you know experience problems with nursing home abuse or neglect, get help right away. An experienced nursing home lawyer can provide guidance about how to fight for your rights. Get in contact with one of our skilled Walton Law attorneys.

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