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Feeding Tubes in Southern California Nursing Homes

By Walton Law APCApril 6, 2014March 4th, 2023No Comments

Thousands of elders reside in nursing homes in Southern California. Many of them require a feeding tube temporarily, or even on a permanent basis. Feeding tubes may prove the only source of nutrition for some residents of California nursing homes. It is vital that these feeding tubes be perfectly inserted and maintained in order to ensure proper functionality, and to prevent potentially life threatening conditions including infection and choking.

The staff working inside a California nursing home must be properly trained in the correct procedures required when working with an elder with a feeding tube. It is crucial that bacteria is not allowed to grow in the tube, lest it leads to infection. Likewise, it is imperative that the skin around the insertion site of the feeding tube remain clean and dry at all times. Some elders requiring a feeding tube must have the ice keeping the food fresh replaced regularly, and still others need to be monitored closely to ensure that feeding tubes remain securely positioned in a specific place. All elders in California requiring a feeding tube must have their heads kept above the level of the tube.

When the staff working in California nursing homes neglect to take proper care of residents who require a feeding tube, they not only endanger the elder, but they are also breaking the law.

If you have reason to believe that an elder who requires a feeding tube has been neglected while in the care of a Southern California nursing home, you should consider contacting an ombudsman and/or filing a complaint with the California Department of Public Health. You should also consider receiving a free consolation with a Southern California elder abuse attorney. At Walton Law, APC, nursing home neglect cases are handled on a contingency basis, meaning we do not collect any money from you unless we resolve your claim.

Christopher C. Walton is a top San Diego, California elder abuse attorney whose practice is dedicated to issues involving elder abuse & neglect. Chris has received the highest rating of 10.0 by Avoo for his work in fighting for the rights of elders and their families in San Diego and beyond. If you believe somebody you know has been subjected to any form of elder abuse while residing in a Southern California nursing home, contact (866) 338-7079 for a free and confidential consultation.

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