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New Study Reveals Nearly 20% of Medicare Patients Sustain Medical Injuries

By Walton Law APCMay 12, 2014March 4th, 2023No Comments

A new study has been released which concludes that “Nearly one in five Medicare patients are victims of medical injuries that often aren’t related to their underlying disease or condition,” according to research conducted by the Gerontology Program at Towson University in Maryland.

The medical injuries span the spectrum from patients being given the wrong medication, to allergic reactions to medications, to even receiving treatment that further complicated existing medical problems.

For the study, data was collected from more than 12,500 Medicare patients with an average age of 76 who made claims between 1998 and 2005. Men, elders, and low income patients were found to have greatest risk for a medical injury. 19% of those included in the study experienced at least one adverse medical event, with 62% taking place during outpatient care. Disturbingly, but not surprisingly, the death rate among those who had experienced a medical injury was nearly twice as high when compared to those who hadn’t had one. While there is no failsafe way to prevent a medical injury, you can do your best to safeguard against this by reviewing tips provided by the National Patient Safety Foundation.

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