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Recognizing Self Neglect in Elders

By Walton Law APCJune 29, 2015March 4th, 2023No Comments

While neglect of elders is often an intentional act by caregivers, it is important to understand that many times as people age, they begin to neglect their own care. This can easily lead to illness or injury. If you have concerns that a loved elder in your life may be neglecting their own care, it may be time to start thinking about hiring a caregiver, or appointing a family member or friend, to help your loved one with good personal care.

Signs that an elder in Southern California is neglecting their own care may include:

*Wearing clothing that isn’t suitable for the weather
*Poor hygiene
*Weight loss
*Refusal to make/keep doctor’s appointments
*Refusal to take medication
*Change in home appearance (hoarding, or lack of housekeeping)

It is crucial that you acknowledge changes in a loved elder’s behavior, in the event that it is a sign or symptom of some form of cognitive disorder, including dementia. When elders begin to self-neglect, it is generally indicative that they need help. Recognizing these signs early is vital, as potentially dangerous situations may follow suit. For example, an elder who seems to be forgetting what day it is, may also struggle to remember to turn off a stove/oven, or other appliances, or forget to take necessary medications, thus putting their life at risk.

If a loved one in Southern California is beginning to exhibit signs of self-neglect, it is time to begin taking action in order to prevent harm/illness from occurring. For helpful information on what to do if a loved elder in Southern California is showing signs that they are no longer able to care for themselves, visit for a list of tips, resources and suggestions for helping your loved elder.

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