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San Diego Nurse Accused Of Elder Abuse Caught In Canada

By Walton Law APCFebruary 4, 2014March 4th, 2023No Comments

In another horrifying example of egregious elder abuse, a former male nurse accused of neglect (in addition to other disturbing acts) will face charges of elder abuse in San Diego soon. His arrest provides proof that California is taking a stand against those who wish to harm elders, as the man has been extradited to the U.S after fleeing to Canada.

According to XETV San Diego 6, “Russel Torralba, 41, was taken into custody by Canada Border Services Agency staff on Jan. 9 after a tip from the U.S. Marshals Service. At the time, he was working illegally as a nurse at a private home and caring for a disabled child, according to Canadian officials. Last month, Torralba and co-defendant Alfredo Ruiz, 42, were charged with nine criminal counts each, including four felonies for elder neglect by a caregiver and one felony count of lewd act by a caregiver on a dependent adult. Deputy District Attorney Paul Greenwood says video from 2011 shows the men engaging in repeated sex acts near a then-98-year-old woman they were caring for. In one instance, a nurse appears to place his crotch on the woman’s hand. He later bends down and kisses her while adjusting his drawstring. San Diego 6 obtained and released portions of the home surveillance video in November 2012, prompting the nurses’ removal from positions at Kindred and Promise Hospitals. In all, the video shows the men engaging in repeated sexual acts almost daily from February 27 to March 11.”

Neglect is one of the most pervasive forms of elder abuse. In the broadest terms, neglect is a type of elder abuse wherein a caregiver fails to provide the elder with basic needs including water, food, shelter, heat/air-conditioning, personal hygiene products and medical assistance. Failure to adequately move or reposition a bedridden elder, for example constitutes neglect, just as failing to keep elders properly nourished and hydrated constitutes neglect. Neglect is dangerous for elders, as it can lead to life-threatening consequences, including:

*Sepsis (infection)

If you suspect that an elder you know is the victim of neglect in San Diego, contact an experienced, reputable elder abuse attorney. Christopher C. Walton is a California elder abuse attorney whose practice is dedicated to issues involving elder abuse & neglect. If you believe you or somebody you know has been subjected to any form of abuse in a California nursing home, contact us at (866) 338-7079 for a free and confidential consultation.

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