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What You Should Know About Being Compensated for Gym Injuries

By Lisa LeeMay 29, 2024No Comments

When you visit the gym, you expect that the premises will be clean, secure, and well-maintained; you also expect that the equipment is safe to use for your exercise needs. Fortunately, this is true most of the time. However, if a gym owner fails to maintain their gym and its equipment, then it can lead to major accidents and serious injuries. If an individual suffers an injury at the gym, then they could have a potential legal claim against the owners of the gym, the gym, and the gym’s insurance company.

Types of Gym Accidents

There are several types of accidents that can occur at the gym, including the following:

  • Exercise equipment (including exercise bikes, treadmills, or ellipticals) falls over while a person is using it;
  • Weight equipment malfunctions and causes weights to fall on someone; or
  • Trip and fall accidents that can occur either just outside of the gym or inside the premises, including the rest rooms.

Duties of Gym Owners

Whenever you enter a gym as either a member or as a guest, you can expect certain responsibilities from those in charge. A gym owner and operator owe their patrons a strong duty of care. Here are some of their duties:

  • Ensure that common areas (including walkways) are clear and devoid of any debris or other objects;
  • Issue warnings or quickly removing/cleaning objects up when common areas aren’t clear;
  • Inspect gym equipment regularly (both machines and free weights) to make sure that the equipment is functioning correctly;
  • Clean gym equipment on a regular basis;
  • Clean and sanitize locker rooms and all aspects of the facility on a regular basis;
  • Indicate when gym equipment is broken so that patrons are notified;
  • Make prompt repairs of the equipment; and
  • Ensure that security equipment is working at all times.

Common Gym Injuries

When the owners/operators aren’t fulfilling their duties, it can be considered negligence and a patron can get into an accident and become injured as a result. The injuries can vary from mild to debilitating and might include bone fractures, crush injuries, soft tissue muscular contusions, and traumatic head injuries.

Possible Damages

If you’re a gym-goer who suffered any injury due to an accident that was caused by the gym’s negligence, you may be able to recover monetary compensation for your injuries, including the following:

  • Medical bills related to your accident;
  • Lost wages for the time you missed from work;
  • Lost earning capacity; and/or
  • Pain and suffering.

Speak with an Experienced Lawyer about Your Gym Injuries Case

If you’ve been injured in a gym accident, and you think that you may have a claim against the gym owner, you should act in your best interest and speak to a lawyer experienced in this area of law. You can talk to a knowledgeable Walton Law attorney who can review your case and investigate pursuing action on your behalf. Contact us right away to follow-up.