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Dogs are often believed to be man’s best friend. Though this is often the case, not all dogs are friendly all the time and bites do occur. This is especially common in Menifee. Dog ownership is high in the area, and the pleasant climate, large number of dog-friendly parks like Heritage Park and trails, and the growing popularity of dog-friendly private establishments in the area make it likely to encounter a dog that decides to bite either in public, on a restaurant patio, or even at someone’s house. Here are a few common questions we receive about Menifee dog bite injuries.

Menifee Dog Bite FAQ

What Should I Do if a Dog Bites Me?

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, there are a few simple steps to take that can help your case and your health in the long run.

  1. Get medical attention as quickly as possible. Shock, trauma, and confusion after a vicious attack often keeps you from realizing how seriously you’re hurt. Bite wounds are also full of bacteria and infect easily, so seeking immediate treatment is critical.
  2. Get as much information as you can about the dog, the owner, where and when the bite occurred, and insurance information. Take photographs of the bite, location, and dog. If the dog was a stray, try to take a photograph if possible or write down physical details. These will help when notifying animal control and the police, and they can help your case later.
  3. Get legal help from an experienced Menifee dog bite lawyer. We can fight for the compensation you deserve to help with medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages from your injuries.


Am I Entitled to Compensation?

In Menifee and the rest of California, you don’t have to prove the owner knew their dog attacked someone before or was vicious. Instead, owners are strictly liable for injuries when their dog bites someone. If you can show someone owned the dog that bit you, you were bitten on public property or when you were legally present on private property, and you sustained actual injury from the dog in the attack, an owner is generally responsible for their dog’s actions and your injuries. We will discuss specific details of your situation with you to determine whether any exceptions to strict liability, such as provoking the attack, may have occurred.


How Much is My Dog Bite Case Worth?

Dogs are incredibly popular in Menifee and the rest of Southern California, so questions about recovering for dog bite injures come up frequently. Dog bites can become quite expensive and throw your physical, emotional, and financial health in a tailspin. Your recovery potential depends on the details of your case – this includes factors such as how severely you were injured, the cost of medical bills for treating the bite, whether you couldn’t work and lost wages, and other considerations such as emotional trauma you suffered from the attack. Our team will work with you, those responsible for your treatment, and outside experts to determine the value of your case and fight for it.


How Long Do I Have to File My Case?

We understand that dog bites are traumatic events. You’re already dealing with your injuries, so the idea of taking any major steps afterwards is understandable overwhelming. However, California has laws called the statute of limitations that deadline for you to file a lawsuit. If you don’t file during that time you lose the chance to recover for your injuries. When filing a lawsuit for a dog bite or other personal injury in California, you have six months to sue the government (i.e., a police dog bit you) and two years to bring the suit against another person or business. We’re here to help you avoid these deadlines!


Shouldn’t I Just Accept the Offer from the Owner’s Insurer Instead?

No! Insurance companies are concerned about their bottom line, so it’s their goal to get you to accept a quick, low-ball settlement and release your legal claims against them before you can fully evaluate your case and your damages. These settlements are in their best interests, not yours. Just because you are offered a settlement does not mean you have to accept it – our attorneys will investigate and work to build a strong case for you to get fair compensation for your Menifee dog bite injuries.


How Can a Dog Bite Lawyer Help Me?

Though it may seem like all lawyers do is go to court, we are able to help you in a number of different ways. Not only can we handle communications with insurance companies to save you the headache, we investigate and build your case, gather medical records, determine the financial impact of your dog bite injuries, and protect your legal rights. We will fight for you to receive what you deserve, even if that does mean taking your case to trial.


What If I Can’t Afford a Lawyer?

We believe everyone deserves compensation for their dog bite injuries, and we understand many people think the cost of a lawyer may be prohibitive. This is not the case. We represent clients like you on a contingency basis, meaning you pay us nothing until we win your case. This kind of delayed payment means you’ll have your day in court no matter your financial situation.


How Do I Find a Dog Bite Attorney?

That part is easy – you already found one! The experienced Menifee dog bite injury attorneys at Walton Law, APC have extensive experience handling claims like yours, and we look forward to representing you and fighting for you to receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (866)-338-7079 or via through our online Contact Page to set up a risk-free, no obligation initial case review today to get started and see how we can help you!