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Car accidents are an unfortunate reality in Moreno Valley and the rest of Southern California, where driving often becomes the foundation of moving around in daily life. Over 80 percent of drivers at some point admit to distracted driving behind the wheel, which in a city of over 206,000 spells a recipe for disaster and daily accidents that can seriously injure anyone involved. However, someone else’s bad behavior shouldn’t result in catastrophic injuries that change your life in a split second. If you were hurt in a motor vehicle collision, contact a skilled Moreno Valley car accident attorney today to see if you may be entitled to compensation.

When you consider that the average Moreno Valley commuter spends over 30 minutes in their vehicle to and from work each day and travels the busy 215 and 10 freeways, as well as State Route 60 which cuts through the town, it’s no surprise vehicle occupants are at high risk for avoidable accidents and resulting injuries! In 2017, California’s Office of Traffic Safety reported 939 fatalities and injuries in the city limits, but this doesn’t consider the untold number of unreported accidents and injuries that occur each year. Motorists and passengers are also at greater risk because in urban areas like Moreno Valley, 61% of all fatal accidents occur, so it’s important to exercise particular caution on the road and know how to protect your rights if you’re involved in an accident.

How do I win my Case?

In Moreno Valley, many car accident injury victims pursue compensation for their injuries through a personal injury lawsuit filed in civil court arguing that another party’s negligence caused them harm. To prove negligence and establish liability, you must show:

  • The alleged negligent driver had a duty of care to act an ordinarily prudent person would in their situation;
  • They breached their duty by acting in a way they shouldn’t or failing to act when they should;
  • Their breach caused the accident and harmed you.

In California, where numerous traffic laws are on the books to protect victims like you on the roads, proving someone was violating a law, regulation, or rule when they caused your injuries also establishes the presumption they acted negligently. Evidence may be able to show the other driver was speeding, didn’t use a turn signal, or was texting while driving at the time of the accident.

What if I am Partially at Fault for the Accident?

Not every car accident results from one driver’s actions. On Moreno Valley roads, speeding, drug and alcohol impaired drivers, teen drivers, distracted driving, and accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists are common causes of accidents. However, it’s common to see multiple vehicles involved engaged in:

  • Failing to Yield,
  • Tailgating,
  • Failing to Obey Traffic Signs or Signals, and
  • Driving While Fatigued.

Even if you were partly at fault for the accident you may still recover damages for your injuries. Comparative negligence, adopted by California, assigns each party involved a percentage of fault based on the facts. Your percentage of fault corresponds to the percentage by which your recovery is reduced by the court. If you suffered $100,000 in damages but were 30 percent at fault for the accident, you recover $70,000, or 30 percent less to account for your share of responsibility.

How Much is my Case Worth?

It’s normal to wonder what you’re eligible to recover from your injuries – car accidents often result in staggering medical bills, long-term after-effects, and can turn your financial future upside down quickly. Broken bones, brain injuries, burns, and neck, back, and/or spinal cord injuries are common consequences of wrecks. If someone has negligently, recklessly, or intentionally injured you through their actions, you may be able to recover damages for a wide range of injuries. Victims may recover compensation for both concrete injuries and more subjective emotional and mental injuries including:

  • Medical bills,
  • Property damage,
  • Funeral or burial costs,
  • Lost wages,
  • Lost future earning capacity,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Loss of consortium (companionship),
  • Scarring, permanent disability, or disfigurement; and
  • Loss of enjoyment of life.

In some cases, the liable party’s behavior was so vile and reprehensible that victims may be eligible for additional punitive damage awards designed to punish a wrongdoer’s conduct and deter them as well as others from engaging in the conduct in the future. These awards can be large, but are discretionary and difficult to prove, so they’re best tackled with help from an experienced car accident attorney.

How Long do I Have to File a Case?

California, like all states, passed laws creating time frames during which an injury victim must file their civil lawsuit seeking compensation for personal injuries. In most cases, Moreno Valley victims have 2 years to file suit from the date of their accident or lose the right to recover in court forever! Filing after the deadline will result in dismissal of your cases. Though acting quickly may seem overwhelming after a traumatic event like a car accident, waiting too long turns out to be far most costly and painful in the long run.

What Steps Should I Take After my Car Accident?

Once you’ve been in a Moreno Valley car accident, there are a few simple steps you should take to help look after your health, protect your rights, and secure important evidence that could help your case for recovery later. It’s important for you to:

  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible and follow all treatment plans and recommendations;
  • Gather contact information from any witnesses to your accident and work with law enforcement at the scene (if possible) to help complete an accident report;
  • Photograph your vehicles and the accident scene;
  • Avoid providing recorded statements to any insurance company, admitting fault, apologizing for the accident, or downplaying injuries by saying things like you are “fine”
  • Documenting all your damage from the accident such as hospital bills and lost wages; and
  • Contacting a skilled car accident attorney without delay.

Consult a Skilled Moreno Valley Car Accident Attorney Today

If you or a loved one was injured in a motor vehicle collision in Moreno Valley or the surrounding Southern California area, contact the skilled Moreno Valley car accident attorneys at Walton Law, APC today. We understand car accidents are traumatic events even before dealing with the headaches of insurance companies, hospital bills, and other drivers, and we’ll help deal with these other parties, protect your rights, and put together a case giving you the best chance of recovering compensation for your injuries. We have years of experience working with clients like you and delivering results – we’ve secured millions in recovery on their behalf. Contact us 24/7 at (866)-338-7079 or through our online Contact Page to set up your initial, no-risk consultation today. The case review is free, and you don’t pay until we win your case. Let our skilled attorneys answer your questions and help you start moving forward from your unfortunate experience.