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Adriana Montiel is a highly seasoned paralegal with an impressive 22-year career in the legal field. Her foundation in the medical industry prior to entering the legal realm endowed her with meticulous attention to detail and robust critical thinking skills, making her an exceptional asset in the legal profession. Adriana’s passion lies in providing clients with unwavering support and guidance as they navigate the complexities of the legal world.

Beyond her professional achievements, Adriana’s zest for life extends to her love for outdoor activities, where she enjoys pickleball, trail running, and hiking, further demonstrating her active and adventurous nature. Her intellectual pursuits are equally notable, as she is an avid reader with a profound appreciation for the written word. Adriana’s most cherished moments, however, revolve around the precious time spent with her children and grandkids, highlighting her deep commitment to family and the joy it brings to her life. In addition to her family, Adriana shares her life with two delightful Yorkies who add a touch of playfulness and affection to her daily routine. Her extensive experience in the legal field, combined with her diverse interests, strong family bonds, and the companionship of her two Yorkies, define Adriana as a multifaceted and accomplished individual.