Super Lawyers Christopher C. Walton 10 YearsSlips, trips, and falls due to hazardous conditions can occur in a wide range of locations across Snohomish County, from retail establishments and eateries to residential properties and municipal walkways. If you sustained injuries in this type of incident, you may be burdened with substantial healthcare costs, income loss, and physical and emotional pain.

The experienced Snohomish slip and fall accident lawyers at Walton Law are ready to pursue the monetary recovery you need by holding careless property owners legally responsible.

Why Select Walton Law for Your Snohomish Premises Liability Claim

Walton Law is a highly regarded personal injury and employment law practice serving Snohomish County.

Founding attorney Christopher C. Walton is an accomplished litigator who has been honored with Super Lawyers recognition annually since 2013.

Our firm represents Snohomish County residents who were harmed in slip, trip, and fall accidents.

We have the knowledge and determination to secure favorable settlements and trial outcomes for clients who suffered major harm like fractures, spine trauma, and head injuries due to unsafe property conditions.

Equipped with experience and resources, our team is well-positioned to handle claims against even the most formidable opponents.

Visit us at our convenient Snohomish County office at 6100 219th Street SW #480 in Mountlake Terrace, just a short drive from the public library. Our Bellingham location serves the north part of the county.

No matter where in the county you reside, we will gladly travel to your location for a no-cost, no-obligation case evaluation, whether at your residence, care facility, or another site of your choice.

Recovering Damages for Your Losses

If you were hurt on someone else’s dangerous Snohomish County property, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  1. Healthcare expenses like emergency treatment, surgical procedures, and therapeutic care
  2. Wages lost during recovery and decreased future earning power
  3. Physical pain and suffering
  4. Psychological anguish and emotional distress
  5. Permanent scarring, disfigurement, or disability
  6. Diminished life enjoyment
  7. Wrongful death compensation (if your family member died in a fall)

The monetary worth of your claim depends on factors like injury severity, financial impact, and the available evidence of the owner’s fault.

Our personal injury lawyers in Snohomish will evaluate your case to pinpoint the total compensation warranted and tenaciously seek the optimal outcome on your behalf.

Typical Reasons for Slip, Trip, and Fall Incidents

While unsafe property conditions take many forms, some of the hazards we encounter most frequently in Snohomish County encompass:

  • Slick walking surfaces caused by spills, plumbing issues, or substandard maintenance
  • Uneven, cracked, or deteriorating sidewalks, steps, or flooring
  • Missing or defective stairway handrails
  • Poor lighting of stairwells, lots, or other spaces
  • Debris obstructing pedestrian paths
  • Holes, depressions, or hazards in parking areas or public property

Whatever specific factor led to your incident, our lawyers can help validate your premises liability claim by investigating the circumstances, compiling proof, and establishing a persuasive case for holding the owner accountable if their negligence caused your fall.

Establishing Fault for Your Harm

Prevailing in a Washington premises liability case generally requires demonstrating:

Defendant’s Ownership or Control of the Premises

First, you must show the party you seek to hold liable had a legal duty for the area where you fell by virtue of owning, renting, occupying or controlling it when your accident occurred.

While property ownership is often apparent, in certain situations multiple entities may exercise some level of premises oversight, such as property owners, lessees, management firms, or maintenance providers. Identifying the party responsible for keeping conditions safe is key to assigning fault.

Existence of an Unsafe Condition

Second, you must prove a hazardous condition on the premises posed an unjustifiable risk of visitor injury. This might be anything from a slippery spill or jagged walkway to dim lighting or defective handrails.

Our team will gather evidence, like photos of the hazard, incident reports, and witness accounts, to substantiate this element. We may also engage safety experts to show how the condition breached building codes or industry protocols.

Defendant’s Actual or Constructive Knowledge

Third, you must establish the liable party was actually aware of the hazard or should have discovered it through reasonable property inspection and care yet neglected to promptly rectify it or alert guests.

Knowledge may be shown through evidence like:

  • Previous hazard complaints or injuries
  • Maintenance logs reflecting the condition’s duration
  • Security video capturing the danger or the incident
  • Statements from staff members or eyewitnesses

If the defendant knew of the danger yet failed to respond appropriately, you can hold them accountable for your resulting harm.

Hazard as Cause of Fall

Fourth, you must demonstrate the unsafe condition directly triggered your fall, as opposed to your own misstep or distraction.

Causation may be proven via evidence like:

  • Footage of the accident
  • Witness narratives of how the incident unfolded
  • Professional assessment of the hazard’s contributing role
  • Medical documentation connecting your injury to the fall

Actual Damages Sustained

Lastly, you must show you incurred real harm from the fall, whether bodily, financial, or psychological.

Examples of recoverable damages include:

  • Medical costs for emergency care, surgical intervention, prescriptions, and rehabilitative treatment
  • Forfeited earnings from work absences while recovering
  • Diminished earning capacity if your injuries derail your career path
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental distress or emotional hardship
  • Lost enjoyment of life activities

Our team will amass medical records, invoices, wage documentation, and other proof of your losses. We may also partner with medical and economic experts to tally your complete damages, including anticipated future costs.

Proving these legally required components can pose challenges, especially when facing resistant property owners and insurers.

The Walton Law team has the knowledge and means to exhaustively examine your incident, amass evidence, and construct a case on your behalf. We collaborate with safety specialists, engineers, and medical experts to showcase the extent of the hazard and the owner’s carelessness.

Protecting Your Rights After a Fall

If you were injured on negligently maintained Snohomish County property, properly handling the aftermath can significantly impact your case.

Be sure to:

  • Promptly notify the owner or manager and obtain a copy of the incident report.
  • Photograph the hazard that prompted your fall and any apparent injuries.
  • Collect contact details from any witnesses.
  • Seek medical evaluation, even for seemingly minor harm, as some injuries are not instantly evident.
  • Maintain records of all medical bills, incident reports, and relevant documentation.
  • Contact a knowledgeable premises liability lawyer right away for guidance.

At Walton Law, we provide free consultations to help slip and fall victims understand their rights and options. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start building your case.

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